*****KARAT is currently at capacity with students. We are accepting students to be added to a waiting list. Please contact Susan McDonald at 724-689-9929 to find out how to get on the waiting list.*****

KARAT® is a real hands-on education. Students are actively involved in their education process. The old way of teaching with lectures and notes bores and frustrates non-traditional learners, which makes them uninterested. Auditory and visual-based classroom lessons alone do not reach every student. Our kinesthetic, community-based program, includes all learning styles and reinforces the desired objectives with real world applications of the lessons taught. We need to break out of the box in our academic institutions. We must address all learning styles while keeping the learning environment at the front and center.

KARAT® educates students in a multifaceted manner that mirrors real life as much as possible. Imagine being on a farm getting a biology lesson learning about the crops and livestock and an earth science lesson at the rock quarry. Imagine the art museum: students could get a geometry lesson by studying a work by Davinci, and even a physics lesson with one of his inventions, and then write a paper about them both for English. What the student has is an integrated lesson, stressing all the parts of a student’s education at once.

KARAT® curriculum involves the whole brain and not just one part at a time. The brain was designed to process things this way, keeping it fully involved. A fully involved student will get more out of his education and getting more out of your child’s education is our goal.